Best Amazon FBA Prep Services in California

WestFBA offers Amazon FBA services from USA to worldwide for users whom need to import products to Amazon FBA. We have our fulfillment warehouse & our services is also useful for small business owners because our prices are available at lower cost & efficient. WestFBA is an expert to provide economical and efficient solutions to speed up your business needs. We are here for - Increase Sales, save time & Money! We have years of experience on shipping to the Amazon warehouse and are fully familiar with these requirements. We are expert in Amazon FBA Prep Services in California for customers so that you can spend more time promoting your sales.

Our Services
amazon fba prep services in California
FBA Prep and Ship Services
  • Receiving
  • Sorting & visual inspection
  • Applying FNSKU labels.
  • Kitting / Bundling
  • Polybag, Boxing, Bubble Wrap
  • Repacking into master cartons
amazon fba prep services in California
ECommerce Fulfilment Service
  • B2C, B2B,and FBA shipments
  • Starting at $2 per order
  • Integrate with most sales channels.

$250 monthly minimum - storage and pick &pack fees together

amazon fba prep services in California
Container Handling
  • Unload your containers
  • Store or forward your boxes
  • Split shipments for FBA.
  • Any other custom requirement
amazon fba prep services in California
Product Photography
  • Professional listing photos
  • Damaged Products
  • New product quality checks
amazon fba prep services in California
  • As low as $50 per pallet
  • No Long Term Fees

10.000+ Units Per Month?

Please contact for custom quote and learn more about additional benefits you may receive.

Why Amazon FBA Services?

  1. Amazon FBA services saves time of sellers or merchants and also gives anopportunity to focus on their business.
  2. Amazon FBA centers helps to quickly product delivery to the customer.
  3. Amazon FBA Prep Services USA helps to boosts the customers’ shopping experience. Alsoit builds the customers’ trust, loyalty, and chances of ordering more products.
  4. Amazon offers free delivery for products& transportation services to FBA Sellers. Products will be picked from their doorstep to the Amazon FBA centers.

Here at WestFBA's Amazon FBA centers, we're able to make your FBA business more convenient and make FBA preparation and shipping easier for you.

About Our Amazon FBA Prep Service USA

WestFBA takes care of all the needs of your FBA business i.e. inspection, label & packing them with proper boxes and ship them according to your needs. Our Amazon FBA Prep Service USA has complete solutions to FBA prep, pack and ship needs and available in affordable price. Inventory that is sent to our fulfillment center is generally scanned and made available to ship within same business day of delivery.


With Our amazon fba prep services in California, we are able to do required operational FBA process including container loading / unloading the products carefully into our Amazon FBA centres then sorting them and keep them safe there.



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FBA Prep Pricing

Pricing below is for small and medium size products for wholesale and private label sellers. If your products are over 650 cubic inches, please contact to confirm pricing. No arbitrage clients accepted at this time.

Basic Prep

$0.75 pick&pack


Visual inspection

Box Content/Label

Add Ons

    Polybag - $0.25

    Bubble Wrap - $0.50 (per 12 inc)

    Large box - $6

    Palletizing - $20



    2 Pack - $0.95

    3 Pack - $1.05

    Price is per bundle including polybag

Storage & Forwarding

    Forwarding /per box - $3

    40 Ft container Unloading - $450

    20 Ft Container unloading - $200

    Pallet per month - $50

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