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Amazon FBA prep center in California
Amazon FBA Alternative in California

Why You Should Use Amazon FBA prep Center and Ship Services?

Amazon FBA prep center in California

Sourcing of products is already a time consuming process. It is very difficult for you to check and send your product. But if your products are delivered to customers by someone packing and shipping, the business will be much easier. You can use Amazon FBA prep center with their Amazon FBA Alternative and prepare your products for fulfilment.

About Amazon FBA prep center and Packaging services

Our Amazon FBA Packing Service is provided by professionals and done by carefully. The process of packaging is like firstly we will print and do labelling to every item. Additionally, we bundle same/ different items into one package. And then our experts put together products with customized packaging to make it convenient. To make Amazon FBA Packaging Service more reliable, we will put each product into FBA approved Polybags. Also, we provide different services like bubble wrapping, large box packaging, palletizing, etc.

  • Air Services

    Customize your inventory solutions with our FBA Prep Service in California.

  • Ship Services

    That's exactly what our Best Amazon FBA Shipping Service does. They receive, check, label andship for you.

Why Choose an Amazon FBA Alternative in California?

WestFBA offers Fulfilment solutions for small and medium sized ecommerce businesses. With Top Amazon FBA prep center in California, We also offer full warehousing & Storage service at affordable pricing.

Opting for an Amazon FBA alternative in California allows you to maintain more control over your inventory. With a third-party fulfillment provider like WestFBA, you can have direct oversight of stock levels, storage conditions, and shipping processes, ensuring your products are handled according to your standards.

How Amazon FBA Shipping Service works?

  • Customer buy the product - Customer orders from your website. You get a notification of the order via email, Seller Central and SMS

  • Schedule a pickup & pack of your order - We schedule the pickup and keep the product packaged and ready. With Amazon FBA Packaging Service, this process is more convenient. 

  • Picks up the package - Delivery associate picks up the package from your doorstep.

  • Delivers the product - Delivers the package to the customer. If it is a Pay on Delivery (POD) order, the funds are deposited directly in the seller account.

Amazon FBA prep center in California, Amazon FBA Alternative in California, Amazon FBA Alternative in California

Shipping Online Goods Has Never Been Easier

The best thing about Amazon FBA shipping service is amazon takes care of the shipping and storage of the product, you can save a lot of money on storage and easily scale your business. You don’t need to spend a lot of cash upfront to hire storage space. With fulfillment by Amazon, shipping rates depend on the selected shipping speed and size/weight of the items.

For the prices of our Amazon FBA prep center in California, please refer to our price-list. we believe we can fulfil all your amazon fba prep requirements , so you will get any type of prep, pack and ship service you are looking for your fulfilment by amazon business.

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